Sunday, August 24, 2008

What is it that I like about dbase?

dBASE has been really the only PC programming language I have used over many years. I programmed on the mainframe while working, but still had dBASE II, III, III+ and on and on. I have the latest version but have stayed with Visual dBASE.

I just got a request to update a program that was originally written in dBASE III by the owner of a business. I moved it to Visual dBASE in 2003. It has run 5+ years on a small network all these years. Code requirements have changed so am updating the program. I have another business that has used their program for billing for 10+ years. I do data collection for a dog registry and the program was written in 2003 (in dBASE IV).

What is it that I like about dbase you might ask?

Newsgroups - I can remember logging on to the news group using a 1200 Baud modem. WOW - I thought that was so neat and the information gained was very valuable.

What I have learned - skills learned from the news groups helped me to be able to qualify for a position with a government contractor - dBASE programmer. This was after I retired from Civil Service.

The People - A group I could always rely on to get answers to questions - and the answers were always right.
Passing information on to the dBASE community - I was a contact instructor for Ashton Tate and yes I passed on information found or provided by the news group.

Passing information on to others - I hope I have done this over the years.

Over the years a few of you have become friends that I still count on and am in touch with today.

Great group of folks...

Barbara B.


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