Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Congratulations to DBI and dBASE

A huge PR nightmare appeared recently from the Microsoft groups. I blogged about it. Many, including myself, posted messages in the dbase news groups.

What was surprising was the quick turn-around time that DBI, and Marty Kay in particular, in responding to this PR mistake. Contacting the customer, posting a reply in the Microsoft news group. Even making a comment here on this blog.
"Our customer service manager has learned a lesson about speaking with potential customers and not reacting inappropriately to any provocative statements the customer may make." - Marty Kay replied.

In the past DBI/dBASE has not been known for their great PR skills, or their care for their customers or potential customers. But this incedent shows that those notions are changing. Things certainly look up.

I have said in this blog that I write as I see it. True to my word I see a big plus for DBI and dBASE here. I would be the first, and I actually did, congratulate Marty Kay on the excellent way that he handled this matter.

Perhaps there is hope yet for DBI and dBASE.


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