Sunday, November 16, 2008

How Not To Promote Your Product

Promoting your product is an essential part of business. Especially if a company is struggling and lacking a good user base. Every potential customer should be swallowed up whole and grabbed with both arms.

Promoting your product is not only about outside marketing but internal loyalty, product belief, and product knowledge. When a potential customer phones your company, you do all you can to help him buy the product not drive him away.

A recent potential customer to dBASE phoned the dBASE offices and was totally rejected. This was his account:
" Whew!

I thought Microsoft was bad.I just called the dBase office to ask some pre-sales technical questions.

The receptionist told me that there was no one technical that could take my questions either on the phone or by email.
I said "That's going to make me a lot less likely to buy your product"

She said 'I wouldn't buy it either'

So I'd scratch that one off my list"

Wow, can you believe that. Here I am, setting up a dbase blog to promote the product. To criticise both good and bad, to help people. I get lambasted because of my criticism, people in the dbase news groups call me all sorts of names, because I tell it as I see it. But then this happens.

Makes you think doesn't it. If an employee does not even believe in the product, how am I supposed believe. I wonder now if my decision to move over to Microsoft was the right thing to do. Well of course it is, dbase staff do not even think its a good product. They won't even buy it. I mean they have no technical folks to help you make that crucial decision.


Ronnie said...

Robert ... your key phrase here is "Wow! Can you believe that?"

There is a risk in accepting information from an unknown poster as fact.

One must also question what motivation led to that post.

Unless verification is possible, to re-post, or expand on the subject might be viewed as risky.

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Martin Kay said...

Hi Robert,

Thankfully, you and several other dBASE supporters have brought this to our attention and we are doing everything we can to resolve it and minimize any negative impact.

I spoke with our customer service manager about this.

There was a misunderstanding that occurred which is now being addressed through a direct email to the customer, to the Microsoft newsgroup, and now to this blog.

For the record, if a tech support person is not available immediately, issues can be emailed to us at

Our customer service manager has learned a lesson about speaking with potential customers and not reacting inappropriately to any provocative statements the customer may make.

Thank you.

- Marty -

Martin Kay
dataBased Intelligence, Inc.

Website design, web development, web hosting and Search Engine Optimization
Website design, web development, web hosting and Search Engine Optimization