Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Which is better Google Pagerank or Alexa traffic rank?

Having just started my new business and website, about three months ago. I also started a blog called the brave programmer at

I find that I am obsessed with statistics. I check my Google stats at least three times a day. I check my blog stats at least as much. In fact I have three blogs and I am obsessed with them just as much.

I am always trying to find ways and means to increase Pagerank. Trying to find good quality back links, writing articles and blogs. Joining Social Networks. Trying to optimise every page.

Some of this has paid off. But I still think there is a lot to be done. My Pagerank has gone up, not by a huge margin. But then you're only working with a range of 10, not much play there.

My Alexa ranking has gone from 14 000 000 to 800 000. Not bad I think.

But which is better to have? Which is more sort after? Which shows the true worth of your site? Alexa traffic rank or Google page rank?

In my mind I would go for the Alexa ranking. Simply because your website is about visitors to your site, not how Google ranks your site. Yes these are related. But what good is it to have a million links to your site, and a page rank of 10. But you do not get any traffic, your Alexa rank is 9 000 000.

While I do realise that this probably will not happening. I mean if you have a million inbound links and a traffic rank of 10, then surely your traffic is very very high.

But humour me for a second. If this were so, surely the one to push for would be traffic rank. So some have a high Google rank, because of site age, and inbound links. But their site gets no traffic. Traffic means sales, and sales means money.

What are your thoughts. Let me know what you think. Pagerank or Alexa rank? Feel free to leave me a comment.


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