Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A sad day for dBASE'rs - dBASE up for sale.

I've been a loyal dbase supporter for many years. Cut my teeth in programming through dBASE III+. A few years ago I changed course. Decided to learn a new language, namely C#. Why?, Because way back then, with all the failed promises and bad PR I saw the writing on the wall. Myself along with many others, were ridiculed by the dBASE community for leaving, or even daring to look at another language.

But sad to say, I learnt that dBASE is up for sale once again. With declining market share, old database connectivity, even older programming structures, dBASE will be hard pressed to find a buyer to resurrect it. Me thinks dBASE is officially dead.

Here is a link about the sale, find it @ Software company (dBASE rights)with assets revenues

It will cost millions, even billions to resurrect it. In this current economic climate, spare money to though at a dead horse is not what many have lying around.

RIP dBASE, we will miss you.


Greg Hill said...

I have seen this coming. I didn't have been dragging my feet to really dig in to c#. I have never said anything to others like yourself for moving on. Actually I admired it then and still do today.
I will be making the move little by little. Knowing you are here and always offering to help is a blessing for guys like me :-)
You have some tutorials that are great and I am sure I will be looking more deeply at those in the real near future :-).

Regarding dBASE trying to sell, that doesn't come as a surprise to me. I have always said that if the owners of dBASE give up on it, it still won't be the end of many people using it. It just means we have to be more aggressive about learning a new language.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the dBASE rights.

Greg Hill

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